Thursday, December 27, 2012

Blog 2012 Recap

This year I have written about 260 posts for this site spanning the gamut from crap to jewel, inane to relevant, amusing to deadly serious. Each represents a part of me, who I am, how I think, and how I see the world around me. I find it interesting that folks that I have never met except through this blog, have shown some real insight into who I am. I continue to enjoy my writing for this site and interacting with my small cadre of regular visitors. I look forward to continuing on into my sixth year of writing Return to Zero as we move into 2013. Today I thought that I would share my top 10 list of my own blogs (in no particular order) for 2012.
  • Unfinished Symphony (Oct. 8) - A tale of works left incomplete.
  • Lovers (Sep. 11) - Ahhh, the magic of love and the glorious memories of passionate moments.
  • Spells (Jul. 26) - About an amazing power that we all have.
  • Superman (Jun. 26) - My loss of superhero status.
  • Combination (Jun. 7) - A grim tale of the slow march from passion to silence.
  • Rabbit Hole (Apr. 20) - A place to hide in the storm.
  • Sound of Silence (Apr. 11) - We hear in the silence a conflict or a peace sensed by no others.
  • Fragile (Mar. 7) - About the weakness we all feel at times.
  • Projected Life (Feb. 7) - Seeking the source of strength for each day, no matter what you face.
  • Midst of a Miracle (Jan. 23) - About living in season and out with faith because we don't see the full picture.
I hope some of these touched you as well. Of course, if you missed them the first time around, these "leftovers" remain as tasty as ever! See you in the 2013 recap.