Monday, December 10, 2012

A+ America 7

Each year for the last decade or so I have participated in the Toys for Tots program through my workplace. The point of this program, operated by the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, is to collect Christmas toy donations and then to distribute them to less fortunate children. In my mind this is one of those charities that most folks can completely relate to. Who hasn't beamed at the spark ignited in their own children's eyes as they open their Christmas presents? Oh those precious smiles and that giddy excitement! I don't think that it takes all that much empathy or heart to then imagine the children of less fortunate families who cannot share in this magic. Too many children will see the holidays pass without any fanfare, celebration, or acknowledgement because of poverty or unemployent or hard times in their family. The idea of providing the seed for even a little bit of laughter and joy is just so appealing to me.

At the end of November the Toys for Tots donation bins are placed in every building on my work site. This serves as my call to action. I also am so pleased that my daughter always asks about the status of the bins and if we can go to the store and get our donations. We like to head to the toy store and get a nice gift for one little boy and for one little girl. We then will stop by work and put our things into the bin together. I love to watch the different bins fill up over the three weeks that the campaign runs. It fills my heart to see the generosity of other folks and to see that they are contributing some really cool looking toys that I know will bring joy to some child. For all of those who contribute and for those who run this program, I say A+ America.