Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gone Wrong

Catherine, the British Duchess of Cambridge, was staying at a London hospital recently due to some complications associated with her pregnancy. An Australian radio station called the ward during one of its wacky prank segments. The call was from two of the on-air personalities who were pretending to be Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles. The nurse who answered the call somehow believed that they were who they said they were and gave out some confidential personal information before she patched the callers through to the room. This breach of hospital and nursing protocol put the young nurse in the worldwide spotlight that drenched her with criticism. A spotlight ultimately proved too bright and in her shame and embarrassment, she committed suicide.

The British royal couple, William and Catherine, now have this death shadowing what was supposed to be a wonderfully joyous moment in their lives. The two radio DJs are completely soiled by rebuke following the outcome of their sophomoric prank. The young lady's family and friends have lost someone precious to them. How could such a silly goof, of the type that is so common today, that was seeking only to get a few guffaws, turn so ugly and impact so many folks so negatively? This is the very definition of a nightmare. So, I was curious if anyone out there had ever done something in jest that just completely backfired and blew up into something horrible?