Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Personal Jesus

Reach out and touch faith
Your own Personal Jesus

Lord, please help me have an enjoyable day at work today.

Someone to hear your prayers
Someone who cares

I pray that the repair bill for my furnace would not be too high.

Things on your chest
You need to confess

Please let the lines at the supermarket be short so that I can get home to relax.

Lift up the receiver
I'll make you a believer

Lord, please watch over and protect my daughter today.

I will deliver
You know I'm a forgiver

The prayers that I pray are seemingly mostly about me or my daughter. Try as I might to be ever mindful of the needs of others, those supplications are few and far between. Am I praying to the creator of the Universe who has already told me how to pray through the scriptures, or am I praying instead to some genie or magic sky spirit or imaginary friend? Keep your fingers crossed and ask for whatever you want or think you need. Who knows, your numbers might come up.

Reach out and touch faith