Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Compared to the number 1,450,656,000 (roughly the number of seconds that I have been alive ex utero), the number 1200 seems quite small. Yet today I celebrate the number 1200 as something truly big. From my point of view, I would claim with a straight face that 1200 > 1,450,656,000. With today's post, this humble site now consists of a sizable library of 1200 posts. At one point several years ago, I remember an exchange with one of my online blogging cohorts where we were both thinking that it would be pretty cool to someday get to 1000 posts, a goal that seemed more than lofty. Now, 1000 posts is long since in my rearview mirror. However, I still feel fresh as a daisy. In fact, over the past year I have enjoyed writing and posting as much as I ever have. Perhaps the most enjoyable part of this effort has been the interactions that I have had with visitors to this site. Thanks to all of my online friends for being part of this effort. See you on the march to 1300.