Thursday, December 20, 2012

Grind My Gears 31

People who use the trite expression, "my bad", really grind my gears. They think that they can accidentally kill a village of orphaned children and a simple utterance of "my bad" then instantly absolves them of all guilt, dirty looks, or punishment. Even for the most aggregious of acts, like cutting me off in traffic or taking the parking space that I clearly saw first or stealing the last buttery-rich scone from the breakfast bar, offering up a "my bad" does nothing to make you any less of a bed-wetting jerk in my mind. I think that in the case of any cretin who utters a "my bad", their punishment should rise to the level of their offense. I haven't fully fleshed out a complete plan in my mind, but at a minimum, a beat down with a stale loaf of pumpernickel bread should automatically be administered by local law enforcement, followed by something like assignment to extended jury duty.