Thursday, June 7, 2012


97 - Bonfires

Flames that licked the very firmament. Songbirds that sang the sweetest tune to announce to the world that the Earth had somehow begun to spin faster and ever faster on its axis. Days became nights and back again so quickly that neither could keep it straight. It didn't matter anyway because they saw nothing but the other. One of their first adventures was shopping for a kitchen appliance. Ordinarily this might be viewed as a ho-hum trip to the nearby big box, yet they made it about each other as they drove around and talked and almost forgot why they left home in the first place.

04 - Embers

When the songbirds flew on, nobody really knows or remembers. The only sounds now were blaring theme songs from the television. Funny how something that was rarely used and never missed could become such a crutch and, ultimately, such poison. Once silence was a just a breath between the lick of the flames, now it hung heavy in the air. They had become numbed to the incessant routines and rhythm of life, forgetting about what really mattered and how pleasant and healing the heat could be.

08 - Ashes

It ended one night making music of a different kind. No laughter, no flashes of smiles and twinkle of eyes. Just impersonal, cold business. Sign here and here and here.

97-04-08. A simple sequence of numbers. Play them, who knows, you might end up winning big. Not me, they were just the combination that brought me to my end.