Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Some questions on Christianity ...
  • The Bible indicates that once we get to heaven, we are there for eternity. In the book of Revelation it seems that all the angels do 100% of the time is sit around God's throne and sing his praises. Don't you think that this will all get a bit stale after the first hour or so?

  • I don't have too many folks that I am all that close with on Earth. Will everyone else in Heaven be laughing and chatting it up while I am sitting alone at a table in the corner?

  • I have read many theology books that indicate that we should actively be looking forward to the day Jesus returns. We should approach the possibility that this could happen at any moment with a passion and zeal above anything else that we think about. I don't know about you, but I have lots of other things that require my complete attention (e.g. my job, daughter, chores, sleep, ...) that make this type of expectation wholly unrealistic.

  • In a certain light, I am the sum of all of my faults and weaknesses. If these are stripped away when I get to heaven, who will I be? Who could possibly recognize me at that point? If we are reborn as entirely new creations, will we recognize anyone in heaven?

  • If God/Jesus/Holy Spirit suddenly disappeared completely and forever, do you think Christians would ever come to the conclusion that He was gone? Would they just keep going, doing what they always do and never noticing? How do you know that His disappearance did not happen at some point in the past?