Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Sometimes I can feel strong, complete, and protected in one breath and weak, broken, and exposed in the very next.

A butterfly
   A house of cards
     A snowflake
       A moment of silence
         An accord of peace
           A soap bubble
             A trust
               A bird's egg

The lightest pressure dooms the butterfly. An anguished sigh brings down the card house. A spark of anger vaporizes the snow. A wayward syllable eradicates the quiet. A breath of challenge subverts the peace. The slightest nudge from equilibrium pops the bubble. A whisper of betrayal eliminates a trust. A minor fumble shatters the egg.

For you see, the subtlest hint or unchecked emotion can bring me to my knees. Yet, perhaps, this is not so much an indication of my fortitude, but more so a measure of the power we each yield in our interactions with others.