Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ill at Ease

How often do you find yourself with a whole day to do with as you please? No work, no chores, no to-do lists, no errands, no commitments. Many folks look forward to days like these to watch a few movies on the T.V. or to enjoy some quiet time to read or catch a nap. They are often circled in red on the calendar to help mark the days in between. Ahhh, lazy days.

Yet I know that in my own life that days such as these may start off with notions of taking it easy and resting my mind and body, but then random thoughts start to burgeon inside my mind:
  • If you pop into work for a few hours, you can get a great head start on that new project.
  • I really should do a load of laundry.
  • I am running out of postage stamps. I should run over to the post office.
  • I should take this opportunity to get a bit of my yard work done.
  • I need to fill up the gas tank in the car.
Then it seems that before I know it the day is mostly past, my body is tired, and I haven't spent even a moment to find some peace and quiet time for myself. Maybe this is because I am a classic type-A personality. Maybe it is because I really am ill at ease.