Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy 1st

One year ago today, October 21, 2008, I began my humble little blog. Just a few days ago, I celebrated my 300th blog entry. Who knew that I had so much to say? Well, pretty much anybody who knows me at any level. You see, I am a bit of babbling brook when given the chance. To unapologetically steal from the Martha Speaks theme song, I "communicate, enumerate, elucidate, exaggerate, indicate, explicate, bloviate, and overstate and (pant, pant, pant) hyperventilate". The wonderful thing about having a forum for my endless ramblings and musings is that I can write about whatever suits my fancy (now that's kind of an odd phrase if you think about it). I can write about the plotline of a silly show (and yes, the summary that I provided in Fact or Fiction was straight from an episode of South Park entitled "More Crap") or about the adventures and struggles of my life as an aging wiz kid. The cool thing about this writing adventure is that if you don't like my "topic du jour", you can come back the next day and get a dose of something completely different. Maybe I can give you a laugh to help you along in your day or pick you up when you need it. Perhaps, if I am very lucky, I can share a life lesson or two from my experience that makes you think and makes you pay more attention to how you are handling some aspects of your life. Blessings to all my online friends.