Saturday, October 10, 2009

Vegas Freedom

You're going on a business trip to a glitzy and exciting destination. Restaurants, museums, sights to see. Heady excitement and endless possibilities. You are away from your family and your normal commitments. An opportunity to try some new things, to break some habits that you have worked your way into. All of this has the opportunity to become an exciting adventure that will give you positive memories for many years to come. Freedom gives us the option, however, of turning right or turning left. Which path your choose can lead you to places and situations that can be quite dangerous and destructive. Opportunities to fall into the trap of sin lie around every corner. Perhaps it involves watching those pay-per-view programs in your hotel room, or maybe, having an innocent cocktail with the seductive stranger that you just met. Unchaperoned. Alone. Free.

The city of Las Vegas has made their slogan "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas". Even the television promotional campaign is less than subtle that cheating and affairs and excitment and adventure with no strings attached are just one visit away. We need to be reminded to stay vigilant against the enemy. He is sinister and much more clever than you can ever possibly imagine, that is, until it is too late, until you have broken promises of the heart. Go, have fun, let your hair down, seek out adventure, take a bite, embrace life to the fullest. Just remember what is really important and be true to your values and your relationships. Be vigilant and don't let the enemy have any opportunity to sink his fangs into you and bring carnal corruption into your heart.