Thursday, October 8, 2009

Strong at 300

Typing in "300" into my google search toolbar, the first link that came up was a movie entitled "300" with the tag line "Prepare for Glory". I am not sure why all the folks on the left side of the picture are jumping to their doom, perhaps they actually saw the movie. Who knows? However, I thought it was the perfect vehicle to celebrate today's blog, my 300th entry. I will pause for a moment to bask in your applause and congratulations. I have heard from many folks that my blog has changed their lives, that it gives them a reason to get up in the morning, and that it makes their stays in the penitentiary so much more bearable. O.K., so none of this is true. In reality, while I love sharing my random thoughts on theology, life lessons, little happenings in my life, current events, and some humor with folks out in cyberland, the main reason why I write is for me. It gives me a creative outlet for the thoughts running wild in my mind. It also gives me an opportunity to sit down and ponder on some topics that I might otherwise not consider so deeply. With that said, I fully own up to the fact that I absolutely love your comments and feedback, especially from the couple of folks who regularly visit my page and say hi or offer encouragement or their own point of view. As I look ahead, I have a few more things up my sleeve. New topics, new features, better production values. Stay tuned as we journey to entry 400.