Thursday, October 22, 2009

CD Experience

There are a handful of experiences that take me back in time, back to when I was just a kid. By this I mean to say that I react in these circumstances very much like I did when I was a youngling. My behavior can stir up such joyful memories of similar times from the past that it sweeps over me in a wave of palpable excitement. One such experience is that of looking forward to a new album from one of my favorite artists or groups. I tingle with anticipation as the release date approaches. I check out sites like for sales rankings and posted snippets of the songs. I pull out older music and reacquaint myself with old friends and memories, and reconnect with the lyrics and music. Next is the big day itself, the day when the album is finally available and I make the trek to finally grab hold of my own copy. When I get home and put the CD into the player, I let each new song wash over me several times while I make my way through the liner notes. It is this response that I most remember with each new purchase. It is during this time that I begin to bond with each song, that I untangle the lyrics and form some union with them. In my first few listens, my opinions can oscillate around until I come to a final decision. It's funny to me how I can dislike a song at first, but then change my opinion completely after giving the music a chance. Sometimes my opinion of an artist's new effort can match perfectly with the predominant reviews posted on the web or, at times, my opinion can be harsher or more glowing. Coming to grips with each song is part of the process, part of the experience. All of this is very much the same ritual and brings out the same feelings as in my younger days. The latest album that I purchased, I had been tracking for several months. On October 6, I took hold of my own copy of the latest Backstreet Boys work, This is Us. It is currently on a heavy play rotation in my stereo.