Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Real Commitment

Some people are so committed to getting what they want, what they need, that they will let nothing stand in their path. They will find a way to the prize whether it is over you, under you, or through you. They broadcast the tacit but clear threat, if you hinder my progress, I will destroy you. It is this type of plucky and dogged determination that is lacking in many of us. How often have you made a suggestion to your boss at work, a suggestion that you had thought about or that lifted your passions, only to drop it like a glowing, red-hot charcoal briquette when it was suggested that you might take this on personally. The message you broadcast is quite clear. I care, but not enough to take it on myself, to really roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty. Oh pshaw, tain't werf it. Ultimately, you lack that necessary fire deep down in your belly.

I can hear some of you out there in cyberland banging on your heads saying "What about the time I ...?". Blah, blah, blah. You don't know nothin'. Let me tell you a real, true-to-life story of commitment, of passion, of gutsy follow through. Only this can illuminate how pathetic you really are. Some years ago, my entire group at work was heading to a meeting. We passed our boss in the hallway moving in the opposite direction. He said he first had to get some java. The rest of us ambled down to the meeting room and found our places and started in with some small talk. A few moments had passed and our boss had not joined us. We continued in our light chit chat. More time passed. Finally, he came in with a deep furrow on his brow, muttering that the make-shift coffee station in our hallway was out of cups. We all figured that he must have been delayed as he went off in search of a vessel for his hot beverage. Obviously he was successful as he had cup in hand. When he finally took a labored sip and placed that stained styrofoam cup on the table did we all understand what it was all about. On the side, written in blue ink, were the letters "Coffee 10¢". The man was so committed to having his caffinated beverage that he used the change collection cup at the coffee station. I'm quite sure that, only now, do you truly understand what real passion looks like.