Monday, October 5, 2009

Personal Consistency

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

This simple but powerful verse from Hebrews 13:8 is a proclamation that Christians understand and accept about their Lord. However, consistency in the actions of men and women is not something that we are particularly good at. Some tests of honesty and decency we fail often and others we fail only every now and again. Why do you think that is? Is it because we only do the right thing when people are watching us? Is it because we sometimes give into greed and laziness? Is it because we get distracted and our self-centered nature takes us over? Whatever the reason is, it really boils down to that fact that we are all flawed and sinful creatures. This is not meant to be an indictment of humanity, but a mere statement of truth. (See Romans Chapters 6 and 7 for a discussion of this). Today, I wanted to put forth a few questions for you to consider. How is your consistency?

> You are in the supermarket parking lot all by yourself. You have completed your shopping and unloaded your grocery cart. The cart return is a long way from you. Do you walk you cart over to the return or just leave it in the middle of the parking lot? Are you 100% consistent regardless of how you feel or your mood?

> You see a $20 bill on the sidewalk and pick it up. Nobody sees you. As you walk along, you pass someone going through their stuff looking for the missing bill. Do you hand over the money? Are you 100% consistent regardless of your financial state?

> You need to mail a few letters or bills but have no envelopes with you. Do you take them from the supplies at work? What about other office supplies? What would an inventory of your home find? Are you 100% consistent?

> You are starving, running short of time, and don't feel like going out for lunch. Do you ever take food from the community refrigerator at work? Are you 100% consistent in not taking what doesn't belong to you.

> If you find that the cashier at the convenience store gave you too much change, do you return it to them, even if you don't find out until later in the day? Are you 100% consistent regardless of the amount?