Friday, July 17, 2009

Get a (Real) Job

There are some jobs out there that are just plain silly. In fact, they are more than silly, they serve no useful purpose. I might even go so far as to say that they are actually counterproductive. Now I understand that a person's got to earn a paycheck to support their spouse and l'il ones, but couldn't they at least try to take a position with some dignity, that supports the community in at least some tangential manner? Today, in case it is not painfully obvious, I am railing against the job of mobile billboard driver. This is a job where you drive around in a very unsightly van that has a series of billboards on the back and sides that rotate from one annoying advertisement to another. They call this rockin' veeee-hicle the "Admobile", kind of like the old Adam West batmobile but about 3 orders of magnitude less cool. Imagine a job where your sole purpose is to drive aimlessly around town, getting in the way of motorists who have an actual place to be (i.e. they are not vagrants), all to show billboards of our local "action" news team (slogan: when news breaks, we fix it) or the Ronco food dehydrator. Puh-lease. Needlessly using up our planet's natural resources and filling up our already congested roadways. Have you ever been trapped behind one of these behemoth's at a traffic light. The rotating vertical panels have a way of putting you into a deep trance, with subsequent emission of drool out of the corner of your mouth. The light then changes, and then everyone but you drives onward. You are left blocking others who then start yelling and shouting at you. I tell you it's an outrage, an indignity. I'm going to have to consider what to do next after I enjoy some yummy turkey jerky.