Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Watching Maddie

My daughter and I have been monitoring the water temperature in our pool. We have been looking forward to the day when it would get warm enough to go swimming. We have talked about the fun that we will have, the games that we would play. We went over the problems that we had experienced the last couple of years at the pool at our apartment complex. Overcrowded. Rude and loud people. Dirty conditions. We knew that in this area, the pools opened up on Memorial Day. However, when the water temperature read over 80 degrees and the air temperature over 90, why should we care that May 31 was still over a month away? Originally we were just planning on dipping our toes in the water, a quick check of progress, and then going about our day. However, when I suggested that Maddie go put her bathing suit on, she looked at me with bulging, gleeful eyes. "Really Daddy? Can we?". She then began dancing and singing with delight as I gave her the O.K.. It was a magical and unexpected afternoon of splashing and playing and togetherness and joy and peace. If I ever question why, it is moments like these that I receive my answer. Watching Maddie live and love fills my heart and lets me know the reason for it all.