Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Trends in Eyewear

I tend to notice fashion trends over time, usually when my style is several cycles or years out of date. I mean, it was only last year that I retired my extensive collection of bell-bottom pants and polyester button shirts. What I remember from my youth in the early 1970s is that eye glass trends were a-changin'. Many people in this time period (called the "Iron Age") wore what were called "coke bottle" glasses. Over time, these gave way to a new style with metal frames. After a while, only real losers or communists were seen wearing "cokers". I mean, you were either an obvious bed wetter or a connoisseur of granola products if you had a pair of these frames. Ridicule of folks who wore this type of glasses continued through the ages, and eventually I even stopped noticing these folks with sketchy personal taste. Well, until recently. More and more I am coming across people who are trying to express their individuality by donning thick, some would say "dorky", eye glass frames. To me, they look even more silly than the old coke-bottle types. People always like to say that fashion trends, and trends in general, tend to come and go in cycles. But shouldn't bad ideas just stay dead once they are gone? If you happen to be one of the folks out their with bad taste in eye glass fashion, I am glad that I have had the opportunity to point out your major faux pas. Really, there is no need to thank me. Consider this my act of public service for the day.