Thursday, May 21, 2009

One Trick Pony

He's a one trick pony
He either fails or he succeeds
He gives his testimony
Then he relaxes in the weeds
He's got one trick to last a lifetime

Maybe not the greatest lyrics produced by Paul Simon, but I can fully relate to his sentiment. I am a one trick pony when it comes to relationships. I kind of think that I was the inspiration for the phrase "To the man with a hammer, everything problem looks like a nail." Over the years I have failed in so many relationships because I fail to learn from past mistakes. I can't seem to approach people with any new steps to my dance. Even if I am accepted by them initially, my one trick grows stale over time. I am constantly amazed by the relationships of some folks I know. They seem to find new ways to surprise and honor and love those close to them. Each day seems a new opportunity, a new adventure, a continued movement away from the routine and the usual. The great thing for me is to now have people like this in my life to talk to and learn from. I may be old, but not too old to learn, given the chance.