Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Familiar

There are times when the familiar, the usual, the everyday is so danged frustrating. When will things change? When will I get to experience something new and different and exciting? I sometimes get so sick and tired of the same old same old. I want a change, I need a change. When the routine becomes the routine, days, weeks, and months can fly past without anything to mark them as ever having occurred. Without something to keep them remembered or special or worthwhile. Recently, however, I was at a conference in Colorado, and after a day and a half living out of my suitcase in a hotel, I was clawing at the walls to get out of there. I so badly wanted to get back to my home, my life, my comfort zone. It's kind of amusing how fickle we are, how we quickly find out when tested that what we really want or really long for is what we already have.