Thursday, July 23, 2015

Satisfied Mind

According to the averages, we each get about 25,000 days to do our thing. To come and go. To wake and sleep. To give or take. As folks near their ends there can often be a fair amount of regret over opportunities that were lost, that got away, that were passed up, or that were frittered away. For many they must face the fact that they wasted a fair number of their sunrises frowning when they could have smiled, crying when joy was just around the bend, or going through the motions and merely marking time when their imaginations flagged. I can already recognize that pain and that regret building looking at the chances that I have let past, that I smugly eschewed focused on trivialities that just didn't matter. It hurts all the more realizing that I could have lived my life so much better than I have. I could have lived a best seller. Instead I too often settled for living a penny saver.

Every now and then though I live a day where I make the absolute most of every minute. It is not just that I am busy and my mind is occupied, it is that I am doing something that I like with someone I love. Over the past few years the number of days like this that I have lived could be counted on the fingers of one hand. However, if I am still and think back over those days, their spell can still engulf me with feelings of being absolutely alive, of living with a satisfied mind. Those days can't effectively be planned or predicted, but with just a bit more effort, I wonder if I couldn't live a few more than I might otherwise have ...