Monday, July 27, 2015

Lessons in Geometry

I believe that I have been wrong.

Well that would be a first, or at least the first time that you admitted it.

Please I'm serious.

... me too ...

I used to think that, you and I, well, we were diametrically opposed on some important issues.

Yeah, so?

I really came to think that I was right and you were nuts.

You mean that you were right and I was wrong?

Yeah, what did I say?

Never mind. What's your point?

Maybe we were truly on opposite ends of a diameter, but we were focused on the same center looking at it from different perspectives.


And? Well I have come to realize that considering a situation from different points of view can be valuable.


Valuable to learn more about the problem, to complement each other with what we bring to the issue. Valuable to gain further insight into each other.

You're supposed to be so smart. What took you so long to figure this out?

I'm not sure, perhaps I just wandered off on a tangent.

Was that a nerd joke?

Perhaps ...