Monday, December 29, 2014

Blog Recap 2014

At the end of each year, I take a moment to look back over what I have included on my blog. As I scroll through the list, I come upon posts that still resonate with me. Memories are stirred regarding the seeds that gave me certain ideas. Some posts are memorable for the ease with which they burst forth from my cluttered mind, others for the toil they involved. For some, I still grumble and murmur because what I wrote didn't satisfactorily capture what I had initially intended. However, as a body of work, I am quite pleased with the breadth and depth of my posts.

One of the ways that I look back over my site, is to make a list of my top 10 blogs for the year. This list is not compiled using some detailed scientific approach with predefined metrics of what elevates one post above another. I just note which blogs I appreciated the most this year. So, without further ado, here is my top 10 list of my own blogs (in no particular order) for 2014.
  • Men in Black (Nov. 10) - The practiced hijinks of the hangers-on.
  • The Way I Need (Oct. 22) - Loving someone they way they need to be loved.
  • Wave Goodbye (Oct. 1) - A post about the pain and necessity in letting go.
  • Eau de Toilet (Aug. 27) - A quiz for women to understand how close they are to what their men need.
  • Giving Generously (Jul. 7-9) - A consideration of what it means to give.
  • Big Words Hurt (May 19) - Helpful hints about 20¢ word choices.
  • Honeysuckle (May 14) - Reminiscing about how fast time flies on our journeys.
  • Foundation (May 7) - How every moment from our past builds the foundations of our present relationships.
  • Funny is ... (Mar. 26) - Inanity about how certain words boost your funny IQ.
  • Sculpture (Jan. 15) - A consideration of how our taste in the opposite sex is developed.
I hope that you found something here that made you think, that made you smile, or that somehow created a spark for your day. I appreciate your presence and the time that you have taken to stop by. See you in the 2015 recap.