Thursday, December 4, 2014

Observations 73

My occasional blog series "Observations" was created to be an outlet to share a variety of topics that pop into my field of view as a result of a condition that many bloggers are afflicted with known as "blogger's eyes". In this state we view the world on the constant look-out for topics on which to write about. Today's blog came about from random odds 'n ends of things that I have noticed over the past few weeks.
  • Have you ever had a subordinate who had a nasty disposition, was rude and disrespectful, and was a lousy worker, list your name as a reference for a job application? How is one supposed to respond when that company contacts you to find out more about the applicant?
  • Since when is it O.K. for a grown man to wear saddle oxford shoes?
  • They recently remodeled the bathrooms in the building where I work. On the inside of the stall doors, they very nicely installed coat hooks. However, the coat hooks are only about 2 ft off the ground. I am absolutely confounded by this.
  • "If words are to enter men's hearts and bear fruit, they must be right words shaped cunningly to pass men's defenses and explode silently and effectually within their minds." J.B. Phillips
  • Apple Computer CEO Tim Cook came out of the closet in a press release. In his statement he said, "I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me." I think there might be a small problem with his theology here.