Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Eau de Toilet

Lining the checkout lanes of most grocery stores are those blatant women's magazines with bold headlines about better sex, bigger hair, and diet secrets to drop 20 lbs in a week. One of the staples of these publications is the personality quiz, designed to tell you in a few questions what might otherwise take you years of expensive therapy. For some reason an idea for such a quiz popped into my head recently. The cover page headline could ask the question:

What kind of woman are you?

Well, the answer to that question all depends on what you would do in the following scenario: Your husband surprises you with a bottle of perfume as a small "I love you". After you take a hearty whiff, you are on the verge of stomach purging nausea. What do you do?

1). You tell your husband that this devil's vomit is absolutely disgusting and proves that he knows nothing about you, whereupon you storm off in a snit. When you emerge from your hiding, you repeatedly nag at him not to attempt to buy you anything of this sort again.

2). You tell your husband that this stuff is pig dung but he is the sweetest man in the world. You make him feel cherished and your attitude of love, appreciation, inclusive humor, and thankfulness serve to boost his self-worth and pull you closer together.

3). You tell him the gift is lovely and force yourself to squirt this putrid spewage on your body, thereby making him think you like it so much that he keeps buying you more, all the while making him think he has done good while you suffer and stew in silence, and your resentfulness builds to a crescendo.

4). You dump that unholy vial of foulness down the commode and never speak of it again hoping that he will forget.

5). You think that his gift is actually a cover for some guilt he feels for having done something evil. You convince yourself that he is likely having an affair or that he has already secretly divorced you for your younger hotter sister.

6). You fuss at him that your tight budget doesn't allow for such extravagances, perhaps even forcing him to slink back to the store to return his purchase for a full and immediate refund.

7). You take his gift of perfume as some sort of slight or dig ... "Are you saying that I smell, that I am disgusting to you?"

8). You ask him if he kept the sales slip and announce that you will be going out to do some shopping later that night.

Women, I can only say that when your husband makes an attempt, even if it is small, awkward, off base, or slightly misguided, you need to encourage him in love and build him up. It is amazing how thoroughly and how quickly a negative reaction to what was intended as a sweet gesture can destroy our self-confidence and weaken our connection to you.