Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Gone are the days of princesses and fairies,
   never again will we plan exciting adventures together in the park,
        where every smooth stone and bottle cap was a treasure to be collected

Gone are the times when your eyes would light up when we would go out for ice cream,
   no more evenings of reading story after story cuddled up together,
       when your giddy laughter would fill the room when I brought you a brightly colored balloon

Gone are the afternoons of fishing at the pond with make-shift poles and shredded bread for bait,
   no more strolls along the walking path sharing stories and dreaming our dreams,
       when your best day ever was watching Winnie the Pooh videos laying across my lap

So many special memories are now closed chapters of volumes,
   each relegated to gathering dust on the shelf

Yet I know in my heart that every moment from our past is still present and has a purpose -
   each helps to form the strong foundation of our relationship today