Friday, September 28, 2012

Siege of Dome

I have just completed the finale of the two-part Empryion series by author Stephen Lawhead, entitled The Siege of Dome. While I enjoyed the first part of the story (see The Search for Fierra), I had a few criticisms with its basic development and its foundations. But this part of the story was crafted with much more crispness and attention to detail. I really enjoyed this one and was pleased that I picked these books up.

At the end of The Search for Fierra, our intrepid lost crew of fugitives from Earth led by historian Orion Treet, had found the fabled city of Fierra. In contrast to Dome, Fierra is an absolute paradise and its people lovely, vibrant, cultured, and giving. Unlike the paranoia and power struggles rampant in Dome, Fierra is a completely open society that has known peace for more than a millenium. However, only Orion Treet truly understands the history of the Fierra people and why their civilization grew on the far side of a vast, uninhabitable desert, leagues from the original Dome colony. It is this dark and deadly history that is threatening to repeat itself that he is desperately trying to avert. It is also the reason why he feels so compelled to return to Dome to do what he can, a return trip that he ultimately makes without Fieri assistance.

The story then flashes back and forth between the worlds of Dome and Fierra. Dome is quickly crumbling from within even as it moves to destroy the Fieri. Treet is working with the resistance to help topple the meglomaniacs leading the government and to stem the tide of hostilities. Back in Fierra, the people are taking their ease and living their lives as they have for centuries. The comparison of the two realities could not be more opposed. Will the resistance survive to
stop the threat? Will the Fieri leaders, now that they have understood the danger that their people and their world are in, commit to end the evil in the land? Good story-telling, a unique perspective, and well-played message make this one worthwhile.