Friday, September 7, 2012

God's Story

I wanted to find a book for my morning devotionals and had nothing left in my reading queue, so I made an evening trip up the street to my local library. Because I wasn't of a mind to think too hard about what I was after, my fingers fell into an easy rhythm as they typed "Max Lucado" into the online catalog. After just a few moments of poking around, I decided on one of his newer offerings, God's Story, Your Story.

I read somewhere that Pastor Lucado's books really don't have much to do with theology, they are really just his avenue to tell his stories and anecdotes, and to tell us about God's love for us. After nearly all of Lucado's books that I have read (with just a couple of notable exceptions - see On the Anvil and He Chose the Nails), I have completed my reading and thought to myself, "He didn't tell me anything that I don't already know." Yet I have found his books provide value added to my devotional time reading.

In God's Story, Your Story, Lucado focuses on how we go about our existence, traveling along with the day-to-day currents of life, doing this and doing that. This is our story. Yet from the perspective of heaven, God is viewing a story that looks so much different. We likely do not realize it, but our lives are following a divine narrative. This book provides an opportunity to appreciate this fact just a bit more, and may allow you to see God's hand in your life where you saw only the same old-same old.