Monday, September 24, 2012

Biscuit Lesson

When my daughter was very young, she loved for me to read to her. There were several books that we came back to time and again because she so cherished the pictures and the story. One of her favorites was about a cute yellow puppy named Biscuit. In no time she had fully memorized the book and what each page contained. She would then pretend to read to me, by saying the words and turning each page after she had recited the words present there. To a casual observer, it really did seem that she was actually reading the book.

My life as a Christian sometimes feels to me very similar. I go to church each Sunday and sing the songs, listen to the sermon, and give an offering. To the casual observer, it might seem that I am a sure-footed, put together follower of Jesus Christ. Yet all too often I feel completely powerless when it comes to sharing my faith with others. It seems like I just never have an opportunity, or more likely, I am so absorbed with my own issues that I miss the few opportunities that come my way.

Yet just when I feel like an inert and impotent believer, keeping to myself and living my faith in solitude, something happens to me that helps awaken me and energize my spirit a bit. The other day at work I spoke to a new colleague about my faith and it brought him noticeably out of his shell. Later in that same afternoon, I gave counsel to a young colleague of mine who is struggling badly in his new marriage. It felt good to finally be able to make even a small difference in people's lives, not to just look like a Christian going through the expected motions on Sundays at my church.