Thursday, September 6, 2012

Help Wanted?

Here's a scenario for you to consider. A person is suffering from what appears to be an attack from the tickle monster. Through shrieks of painful-sounding laughter you hear:

Don't! Stop!

or perhaps you really heard:

Don't stop!

Hmmm. Quite a conundrum. Is this person in need of rescue from the assailant or are they having the time of their lives?

In this same vein, I recently came across the following sign stuck in the ground at an intersection. As I read its contents it struck me that there was an unfortunate issue with the punctuation. However, who can tell? If you cannot read the words in the above photograph, the sign says:

Make $250,000 per year drinking coffee
Don't believe!
Don't call!

But when you are raking in a cool quarter mil per year sitting around in your bathrobe and bunny slippers sipping your choice of decadent General Foods International Coffees, who needs an edumacation?