Tuesday, September 4, 2012

High School

Our last day of summer vacation together likely marked our most fulfilling and enjoyable day of the summer. My daughter and I feasted on some of our favorite foods, biscuits with butter and honey for breakfast, grilled cheese sandwiches and kettle-cooked chips for lunch, and pizza delivery for supper. We played on the Wii for a bit, sat outside on the porch and relaxed, and went out on a few errands about town. No rushing, no deadlines, no pressure.

Also, as has been our tradition for some years now, we had a sit-down father/daughter talk before she headed back out into the fray. I feel it is important to take some time to remind her to be true to herself and her values, to be wary of negative peer pressure from those around her, and to review a few of the critical issues that she may be faced with. Certainly high school is a time when most kids fully shed the innocence of their younger years and seek greater levels of freedom and independence. They are faced with problems such as bullying, violence, drugs, and sexual pressures that seem to come at them all at once. I think this year's talk was likely the best one yet, for both of us. What is said is secondary to letting her know that I love her and am available for her at any time.

Even now, as my daughter begins her first day of high school, I cannot believe that we have reached this moment. Her life to this point really does seem like a blur. I always seem to find myself wishing that we had more sand in our hourglass. I am already sensing the reality that our time together is coming to an end. I am doing everything within me to give her what I can. But I do know this, a father could not ask for a better daughter to send off to high school.