Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Smell the Roses

You likely have heard the old expression "You need to stop and smell the roses". Usually this is uttered by some intrusive fruit bat in a nagging and subversive tone. You might then think something equally subversive like, "I'd like to tell you where to shove that rose bush Thornerella". But, many of us would never dare to say something so nasty out loud. Further, many of us who are constantly on the go with our busy lives and the endless things that seem to require our time and attenion, will never actually make the time to stop and smell the roses. Given this propensity of many of us to keep our foot on the accelerator until the moment we expire, I decided to take on this rose smelling thing as a personal challenge.

In fact, I decided to go above and beyond. I purposefully stopped and snorked about in my own personal rose bushes. But, I did not stop there. I then went and got my camera and took a picture (see above). Then with my shirt collar stained with the attar essences, I wrote a freakin' blog about it. Now, if anyone tries to wag their boney finger in my face saying that I never stop and smell the roses, I have documented proof that, at least for a few moments, I did. Now I can get back to my busy life and not be bothered by this pesky chore again.