Tuesday, June 28, 2011


How many times are we going to see another politician fall in some self-inflicted scandal? Sex, nepotism, entitlement, lying, fraud, extortion, bribery. The list goes on and on and on. Betrayal of the very people they swore to serve. Have you ever noticed how they squeal and kick like a cornered bronco when the light of truth is turned upon them? Like a cockroach running to hide in a corner when their crimes are exposed. How they hide behind their teams of high-end lawyers and use their influence to squirm their way out of what they deserve? I list some names off the top of my head for your consideration:
  • R. Blagojevich
  • B. Clinton
  • G. Condit
  • A. Weiner
  • J. Edwards
  • T. Rangel
  • T. DeLay
  • E. Spitzer
  • M. Barry
I could, given several more minutes, continue to add name after name. When our elected officials break the very laws and moral standards that they swore to uphold, it makes me sick. These men of power always seem to get off far too easily. Slap on the wrist at the worst. Even when their guilt is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, they rarely admit their mistakes, unless their handlers spoonfeed them the right words that played well with some test audience. Their words are empty. They are not sorry for their actions, only sorry for getting caught.

"Oh, it's just partisan politics. They are attacking me because they don't want to focus on the real issues."

Bah! I say that penalties should be twice as harsh for elected officials convicted of breaking the law as they would be for non-elected citizens. As Blagojevich said after he was convicted on 17 counts of the worst possible corruption as governor of Illinois, "I frankly am stunned". You and me both pal.