Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I know something about the number 800 that you don't. My knowledge is based on the field of numerology and my own personal study of several years of publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals. From the heavily government funded Commission of Numbers and Number Studies, or CoNNs, (with research grants totaling nearly 1.5 billion dollars per annum), they have concluded that the number 800 possesses the following energetic vibrations: material possessions, abundance, authority, leadership, cosmic awareness, self-motivation, prosperity, and infinity. Wow, and you thought that your government was actually wasting your tax dollars! Oh, and one more thing, none of what I have said so far has any truth to it whatsoever. However, the number 800 is a big deal today. Today I am celebrating my 800th blog post. I think that this is pretty neat, far out, and altogether kooky. Thanks (as usual) to my small cadre of loyal readers. I appreciate you stopping by. Lots more to come from my ever fertile mind as we march toward number 900!