Monday, June 13, 2011

Now Summer

I have never been one to shy away from stating my opinion. In fact, if you peruse back entries on this blog site, you can see for yourself that my opinions dominate nearly all of the posts. Well, of course since this is my blog, I control its content with an iron fist, so maybe none of this is surprising. Anyhow, I figure that since a precedent has been established, who am I to change things at this point?

My opinion today is that the summer season should only officially begin when I say so. (Fanfare) So, today I proclaim by the power vested in me that the summer season is now certifiably and unequivocally open. My edict has been issued because my pool boy, Jacopo, came out to open up my pool. Actually, Jacopo did a wonderful job. You see, when a pool sits stagnant for about 9 months, its composition slowly transforms and stews. Eventually it becomes about 90% green, bacterial, bubbling, toxic goop, 6% assorted dead cricket parts, 3.9% bird droppings, and 0.1% water. However, after working his magic for a mere hour or so, voilà, he has somehow managed to get the water fraction up to the county mandated 5% level! I offer a hearty bravo and the customary snapping of fingers. I show below the before and after photographs. If you would like contact information for Jacopo, I would be happy to pass it along. Welcome summer season. Let the fun begin.