Thursday, September 24, 2009

What is Sexy?

I was travelling down the road the other day when I was passed by a vehicle with a license plate that read "SEXY". When I eventually caught up to this car and looked over, I noticed to my surprise that the driver was not particularly attractive. In my younger days, I would have immediately made some derogatory comment either to myself or whoever was around me, poking fun at the person. Today such thoughts still arise and linger in my mind, but usually I can chase them away before they take root and pollute my mind. I once heard the definition of sexy as feeling comfortable in your own skin. I would guess it would include being satisfied and proud of who you are, what you are, and how you look. In fact, being so confident that you can unabashedly share yourself with your partner. You are sexy if your partner accepts the gift of you without reservation and makes you feel special and unique and fully accepted. You don't have to be good looking or have moves like an adult movie star, not even close. In fact, the sexy label on the license plate may not be some prideful boast, but a proclamation that they are exactly what they are supposed to be and that is perfectly O.K. and pleasing to them. Ultimately, that is all that matters.