Thursday, September 3, 2009

Summer Vacation

A standard homework assignment given to children when they return to school at the beginning of September is to prepare an essay on what they did during their summer vacation. While I am not a young kid any more, I thought that I would try my hand at sharing with you how I spent my summer with my young daughter. As an essay is a predictable and standard form, I follow a slightly less hackneyed approach in delivering my report.

S - Swimming - Afternoons spent frolicking in the pool with our own games of fun and silliness: volleyball, I sink you save me, dumb bunny/dumb seal, diving competitions, fountain displays.

U - Unwinding - Relaxing in our own yard, laying on our couch talking and being silly, reading adventure stories and fairy books, shopping for goodies for our house.

M - Marvelous meals - Grilled cheese sandwiches and sour pickles, spagetti and garlic bread, quesadillas with special dipping sauce, homemade pizza, corn on the cob.

M - Munching snacks - Nachos, chip bowls, ice cream treats, and most assuredly, cheese sticks.

E - Enjoying ourselves - trips to the lab, playing Mario Wii games, indoor balloon volleyball, watching our shows (Wipeout, iCarly, True Jackson, Mythbusters, Spongebob), games of pig on our own basketball court, visits with friends, volunteering at church, Busch Gardens and Water Country.

R - Restaurants - 3 Amigos, Chili's, Olive Garden, Subway, Domino's.