Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Life's Adventures

When it comes to figuring out what my daughter and I will do on our days together, I must admit that I lack imagination. Whether due to laziness, apathy, fatigue, or even lack of appropriate brain pathways, I find it all too easy to surrender to activities like playing video games or watching T.V.. However, the other day after we had watched our upteenth straight episode of SpongeBob Squarepants, it dawned on me that in our time together, the moments that my daughter will remember most are those where the real adventures took place. Our trip to Hawaii, our trips to the zoo or aquarium, the walks that we went on together, the times when we visited with friends, the times we volunteered together. I know this because in her entire life she has never once uttered "Daddy, remember the time that we were watching television?". This kind of spurred me to crank up the adventure knob a couple of notches. Thoughts of laziness, apathy, and fatigue really do represent the path of least effort when it comes to deciding what to do each day. Planning is something that, by definition, needs to be done in advance. It will take some time and some effort. Fun, adventurous activities do not have to involve spending huge amounts of money. My daughter and I like to go on walks together and talk about all of the important things in her life. They are times to laugh and forget our worries. To forge bonds of trust and love. To be silly and make up games along the way. I know that she cherishes these times because she remembers them. I have come to understand that monotony, even fun-filled monotony (like watching T.V. or playing computer games) can be sinister. Weeks and months and years can elapse so quickly, so insidiously. It seems that the spinning of the clock hands goes the slowest when we are out in the world living life, living the adventure. Laughing and talking and engaging our minds. I need to be continuously reminded of this so that I can get the most out of this life and give the most to my daughter.