Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Need ... II

I want to explore a bit my relationship with God, in particular, how to keep my relationship with him fresh and exciting. I want to avoid falling into routines, doing things out of habit or without a sense of that first spark of accepting him. I want to understand what I need.

The reality is that I fear that I am becoming more and more of a Sunday-only Christian. A Sunday-only Christian is someone who only puts on his religious clothes for the hour of the Sunday sermon. They cannot be recognized as a Christian or having a relationship with God at any other time. The spark that they should feel all throughout the week has been lost. The new car smell is gone. Whenever I sense that this is what I am becoming, it fills me with anger. I have known the Lord's workings directly in my life. I have witnessed his miraculous hand on me more than a few times. Why am I so lazy, so forgetful, so weak? Is it because I don't have all that I want in life? Is it because things don't always go my way? Perhaps my issues are some form of blame, or of petty protest. Maybe is it because a few of the folks that I was closest to in my church moved away and left me feeling less connected?

Whatever is going on, I need ...
  • to find a way to shed myself of the shackles of listlessness;
  • to rekindle my relationship with God on a regular basis;
  • to replace business as usual with consistent rediscovery;
  • to seize his gift of life on a daily basis;
  • to find ways to keep myself energized;
  • to return to my regular spiritual disciplines;
  • to surround myself with Godly people and develop strong relationships with them;
  • to remember He is the reason for it all;
  • to keep central the fact that He is the way, the truth, and the life.
(Part 2 of 2)