Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Grind My Gears VIII

I suspect that most folks who know me would say that I am a fairly negative person. I would go further and own up to the fact that I am a card-carrying pessimist. With me, the glass is neither half empty or half full, some jerk clearly purchased one that is two sizes too big. I tend to observe people and look for reasons not to like them or to pick out reasons why they should have a banana inserted forcefully into their vehicle's tailpipe. However, there is one characteristic that I have observed in a lot of people that really grinds my gears. After I explain myself, I am sure that you will fully agree with me.

My office at work is situated on a hallway with something like a dozen doors on either side. Several times each day I find myself trailing behind someone walking down this hallway. Some people walk straight down the corridor minding their own business. However, others (and these are the folks that I am ranting about) have to bob their pointy little heads back and forth and stare into each and every open door. Some of these "people" actually seem to pause in front of each door and stare in for an uncomfortably long period before moving on to haunt the next person. When I am sitting in my office and one of these looky-loos invades my space with their intruding and concentration-busting stares, my response is to jump from my chair, wild eyed and pounding my desk, and tell them to take a dang picture as it will actually last longer. This tends to make them go skittering off into the shadows, until the next time they make their way past my office. It would be one thing if I was putting on some sort of a show in there, maybe doing a medley of show tunes, or pantomiming Act 2, Scene 3 from Romiette and Julio from Bill Shakespeare. However, typically, I am not. So, does anyone not believe these folks should be hit over the head with a rubber chicken?