Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I understand that most folks live very busy lives. What with spending 12 to 15 hours each day watching T.V., purposefully not using their vehicle's turn signals, and causing me to wait in long lines at the grocery checkout, there ain't hardly no time left over fer anything else. Important activities, like say, looking up the definition of a word in the dictionary, get pushed out. Folks are far too busy and occupied with their work-a-day lives that some things must wait. Does it matter that it's only a small four-letter word? .... Hmmm? .... From your silence, obviously not. Well, let me do us all a public service and pull out one single relevant word and examine it in the style of Webster.

sale [seyl] - noun; a special disposal of goods, as at reduced prices.

Did you catch the subtlety here? A sale is an event where, from time to time, a vendor or purveyor of goods, reduces the amount they normally charge for items they are selling. It's not a sale just because you put up a sign in your store window but never actually lower any prices. There is one store in my area that is notoriously sickening with their advertisements. Each week they claim that they are having their biggest sale ever!! (Note the exclamation marks here.) The "sale" signs in the store windows are faded as they have been in place since the start of "talkies" in the movie houses. Now I don't want to name any names (Haynes Furniture), but this practice is dubious at best. Certainly it is misleading. Fraudulent? Well, O.K.. They make you want to retch? Hmmm, I think we get the picture. Now that I have educated you on the meaning of the word "sale", I trust that we won't have any more slip-ups. Remember, I will be watching.