Thursday, October 8, 2015

Quick Hits 45

Sometimes I hear an utterance or catch a quick visual of something that sticks in my mind. As this sensory input rolls about in my head, several different outcomes are possible. It might be the case that after a moment of consideration, the input is deleted as uninteresting, trivial, or too much for me to deal with. However, another possible outcome is that the input keeps demanding my attention. It somehow wants me to wrestle with it and give it more than just a passing notice. In such cases, they can end up here, in my blog series called Quick Hits.

A store sells two sets of running shoes (a.k.a. "sneakers"), identical in every identifiable way except that one of them has a small extra piece of leather sewed to its side. Why is it that so many consumers are willing and eager to pay 10 times the price for the version with the extra piece of leather?

What do you think?