Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Trip Around the Sun

I have been a fan of each of Mark Batterson's books. He has a way of writing that is often at once simple and straightforward but also profound. If you reflect on his lessons or his advice or his admonishments, you would conclude that he hasn't said anything new or earth shattering. However, I would say that he often says things in a way that gets past my defenses and my distractions. Often I will read a chapter or a paragraph and have to pause and reflect because he has set my mind to pondering.

Early this year, Batterson released a book entitled A Trip Around the Sun with co-author Richard Foth. It turns out that Batterson and Foth, who is 30 years Batterson's senior, have a long history together. Foth spent nearly two decades acting as Batterson's mentor and sounding board. However, somewhere in this time, the relationship became fully symbiotic. Batterson is as often the mentor to Foth as Foth is the mentor to Batterson. In this devotional, the two tackle a range of topics, with each sharing their own unique perspectives. However, regardless of the chapter theme, the arc of the entire book is about viewing life as an adventure and making the most of each day. In some respects this book is a 200-page-long kick in the pants with an entirely uplifting and energizing style. One of the recommendation blurbs on the back cover of this book called it "an owner's manual for an abundant and adventurous life." I think that this pretty much hits the nail on the head. Life can be a great adventure no matter where we are along the road.

Next up for me is Batterson's latest release, If (Trading Your If Only Regrets for God's What If Possibilities). I look forward into diving in very soon.