Monday, October 5, 2015

In the News 17

While I have not touched an actual newspaper in some time, I do skim through the online news headlines each day. There is always something that catches my attention, whether it involves human conflict, a human interest piece, the sports wrap, or just the usual absurdities. In this series, I carve out a space for my opinions, reminiscences, or comments.

Jimmy Carter - Jimmy Carter has been judged by history as one of the poorest U.S. presidents ever. Someone who was completely overmatched by the system and as a result was too often ineffective and impotent. However, since he left office in 1981, his image has slowly evolved from one of ridicule and dismissal, to one that commands respect. He is widely viewed as a humble man, a bridge builder, and an elder statesmen. His efforts with his own Carter Center resulted in the award of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002. He has been lauded for his long-standing involvement with Habitat for Humanity. Mr. Carter announced on August 20, 2015 that he has been diagnoised with brain melanoma. His public announcement was handled with absolute class and noted strength. His point of view was that nobody should feel sad for him as he has a great life.

Martin Milner - A name many won't recognize if they are under 40 years of age, but Martin Milner's resume in Hollywood is long. He has dozens and dozens of credits from the 1950s to the 1990s before he retired. However, for me I remember him most from his longstanding role as honest and principled LAPD officer Pete Malloy on the show Adam-12 (even now I can recall the police radio dispatcher with her ever-present call of "1-Adam-12 ... 1-Adam-12"). I watched this show on TV after I got home from school in the afternoon and it is strongly linked to my childhood. Martin Milner died on September 6, 2015 at the age of 83.