Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Let's play a little morality game. Maybe this will be a pretty easy exercise for you. You can consider what I have to say and then walk away with a clean conscience. However, maybe it will give you pause and cause you to reflect a bit as you read today's headlines and pass judgment on the actions of others.

What would you do?
  • You see an emaciated child slip a candy bar from the grocery store into his pocket when he thinks nobody is watching. What about if it were a well-dressed child in designer clothes?
  • You observe a down-and-out homeless person steal something from the back of someone's pick up truck.
  • You witness a coworker taking some office supplies from the supply cabinet and slip them into her purse. What if you knew that she was about to default on her mortgage?
  • You find that your boss has cheated on the monthly accounts to save his job. What if he cheated to save your job?
  • You learn that your boss has taken advantage of a low-level co-worker.
I don't know about you, but with each question that I considered, the answer should have been black and white, but I found myself couching my thinking in various shades of gray. But I have read news story after news story where people were burned in effigy for reacting just like I may have reacted or hesitated just as I may have hesitated in a real-world morality situation. Meanwhile all of the reactionaries and pundits wag their fingers and play the role of Mother Superior.