Friday, January 20, 2012


A friend of mine has shared with me a number of times how special it is to take his young daughter to some of the places that he frequented as a child. He has oftentimes used the word surreal to describe these encounters. Something dream-like, unreal, fantastic. I get the sense that these times move in slow motion for him as he watches his child experience some of the same things that he did at her age. As he remembers his own emotions from back in the day, he carefully observes his daughter for how she will react. Picturing this in my mind, it warms me and I think I can appreciate how special these experiences are to both of them.

In my own way, over the past year I too have helped my daughter experience something that I very much enjoyed in my youth. Perhaps it is not as fantastic as taking her to physical places from my childhood, but I enjoy it immensely nonetheless. With the DVD release of the cartoons that I watched and enjoyed as a kid, I can share these memories with my daughter. This year we have been watching Looney Tunes, Bullwinkle and Rocky, and Underdog. My daughter has embraced these shows as well and it has become one of the ways that we relax and laugh together. Sort of a cel-ebration if you will.