Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Power of Garlic

My friend Rob is a preacher-man. He wrote a piece on his blog entitled "You've Got More Power Than You Realize". I recently pondered this title deeply as I choked and gagged the other afternoon. Perhaps I should attempt to explain myself here a bit lest you get the wrong impression.

I had an early afternoon meeting the other day, just past lunch time. The meeting took place in a fairly large conference room that measured about 50 ft across (that is 15800.26 meters for you foreigners). The meeting had just gotten underway when a straggler entered the room and made his way to an empty seat on the far side of the room from me. His foul, rancid lunch food breath filled up the room with an almost visible haze. I could not find clean air and my eyes started to water and burn. The meeting chairman decided to close the doors to the room so that we would not disturb those who had offices across the hall. This did not allow for any air circulation. Due to the number of folks in the room giving off their body heat, the temperature in the room began to escalate. This caused some sort of chemical reaction with the room funk that kicked the garlicky cloud into overdrive. It was like a punch in the gut. I doubled over wheezing and gagging. I thought to myself, "That dude has a lot more power than he realizes". I'm then smiled smugly to myself just before I passed out because I likely was the only one who fully grasped the true meaning of Rob's post.