Friday, January 6, 2012

Taking Stock

As another year has just come to a close, it is fully appropriate to spend a few moments looking back to take stock of where you have been and what you have done. Was it a good year, one lived well and marked by hard work that made a difference or notably filled with joy and overall happiness? Perhaps it is appropriate to hand out a few grades that will show where you have done well and where you have fallen short, what you can count as victories and what you should count as defeats. I thought I would share what came to mind as I considered this for the past year.

  • Health - My overall health this year has been great. This is listed as a victory because I have been committed to exercise, a healthy lifestyle, and a reasonable control of my diet.
  • Raising my daughter - While there are always areas of my daughter's life where I wish I had more impact or influence, I know that I have given all of myself to her.
  • Progress at work - I am satisfied with my performance at work. I approach it consistently with a good attitude and give of myself and my talents.
  • House upkeep - Historically I have been quite lazy about home repairs and general upkeep. This past year I was purposeful about staying on top of things, whether it was working in the yard or home repairs.
  • Hobbies - I was purposeful about my blogging this past year and am pleased with what I produced. I also really enjoyed my time with the books that I read. I ensured that my hobbies were enjoyable and did not become a chore.

  • Volunteering - For the past few years I volunteered at my church. This past year I did very little because it did not fit my schedule and my heart. As I result I have noticed that my church isn't as much my church any more.
  • Making friends - I tried to make some friends during the year, but things did not go as I had hoped. I find that the further I drift from relationships, the less I am motivated to even try.
  • Finding a special someone - I had done some serious "sun stand still" type praying that I would meet someone this past year to share my life with. I am still setting a table for one.
  • Losing regrets - My life is often ruled by the winds of regret. I had hoped to gain some measure of control this past year. I had very little success.
  • Church group - After struggling to fit into a church small group in 2010, I tried again to find a group in 2011. It started off pretty well I thought, but then I self destructed several months in and needed to step back.