Friday, January 27, 2012

The Endless Knot

The final book in the Song of Albion trilogy by Stephen Lawhead is The Endless Knot. This conclusion to the epic tale picks up where The Silver Hand left off. American student Lewis Gillies, now Llew, high king of Albion, has seemingly finished what he knew had to be done. He began then to prepare himself to return to his own world and his own time. Yet Albion still called to him so deeply that he just could not bring himself to leave. Finally, peace in the land, joy in the people, and a wonderful new bride, Goewyn. Ultimately we learn that the calling to stay was not just selfish greed on Tlew's part. Albion was in grave danger, and only the high king could vanquish the impending enemy.

Just as a blessed peace seemed to flow over the land, Llew's new wife is abducted by an unknown enemy. He vows to find her even to the ends of the world, and to give his life if he must. Llew and his faithful friend and bard Tegid, develop a sense of what has happened to her and journey to a far-off land across the oceans from Albion. This land is steeped in lifelessness and cursed by every foul Celtic demon ever conjured up. Slowly Llew and his faithful brothers-in-arms make their way across the land to the seat of the enemy's power. Yet when the forces of evil believe that they can savor their wicked gains and can throw back their heads in smug laughter, their destruction is imminent. The ending left me in tears, but it ended as it had to end. A price had to be paid for the sin and for the corruption, a dear price to save both worlds and restore the required balance.

Reading the Song of Albion trilogy was just a wonderful adventure for me and I am grateful to the input from fellow blogger Ricky Anderson for turning me onto Stephen Lawhead. I have more of Lawhead works in my reading queue already.